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  About Us


MEDFARM TRADING is a Romanian young dynamic private company, established mid 1994, acting on the Romanian market as direct importer and distributor for medical equipment, instruments, products and disposable for different medical specialities.

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The managing and working team of the company is a very professional one, including 5 biomedical engineers, who have worked for 10 to 25 years in the field of medical equipment testing, evaluation and registration in the  Medical Equipment Dept of the Romanian Health Ministry.
The total number of employees is at the moment 20 persons.

The turnover of the company MEDFARM TRADING reached in the financial year 2006 more than 1,000,000 EUR and it was continously growing in the last 5 years.
The company is currently distributing on the Romanian market a wide range of medical equipment and products from foreign manufacturers (mainly from Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Korea), to which the company is at present authorised distributor or exclusive dealer in Romania.

The main directions of interest of the company in the field of medical equipment are :
- usual diagnostic equipment and devices for: general medicine, ENT, gynaecology, ophtalmology, etc.
- surgical instruments for all specialities
- emergency and first aid devices and equipment
- physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment
- disposable products and consumables
- medical and hospital furniture
- healthcare and pacient oriented products

For the medical market the company is providing also a wide pack of services, such as:
- turnkey private clinics supply (design, equipment and materials delivery, medical management etc)
- consulting for setting up private clinics and hospitals,
- technical service for medical equipment and devices,


The market areas to which the company is addressing are mainly:
- private clinics, laboratories and hospitals
- patients, for treatment of diseases and handicaps, healthcare
- state network, but in the last position, because of financial problems still persisting in this field.

The company has  a distribution network, by subdistributors, in the most important cities of Romania and  in several other cities.

MEDFARM TRADING is acting inside and leading a group of companies, to which are joined :
MEDGRUP – manufacturer of medical furniture and medical devices, and
MEDICAL PLANET –large show room for medical equipment, placed in the high level commercial center of Bucharest

Since 2005 our company MEDFARM TRADING and also the manufacturing subsidiary MEDGRUP obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification, proving the quality management system implemented in the companies.

The above presents very shortly and roughly the potential of Medfarm Trading company, a company opened and oriented to cooperation and business all over the world.


Dipl.eng.Miron Tonghioiu